Support Tickets Plus Pricing

Support Tickets Plus offers plenty of packages to choose from.

Your shop can have unlimited tickets in the system but packages are designed to limit how many tickets can be open and active in your shop at a time. You can also choose when to open each ticket and when to close them. So you have control over which tickets count against your package limit. You are also able to upgrade or downgrade your package at any time if you need to access more or less tickets as your business changes.

This setup allows STP to provide packages at different price points to accommodate many shops. While encouraging you to provide timely support for your customers.

Open Ticket LimitMonthly Cost
5 Tickets$15.00
10 Tickets$30.00
15 Tickets$45.00
20 Tickets$60.00
25 Tickets$75.00
50 Tickets$150.00
75 Tickets$225.00

Lifetime Package – $800.00  One Time Payment

The lifetime package for Support Tickets Plus is a one time fee that gives unlimited access and usage of the application as well as free updates and access to any new features introduced for the lifetime of the application and your shop.
*All packages are non-transferrable and only valid for the purchasing shop. All sales are final.